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Welcome to the affiliate page.  I believe you can add significant value to the home and garden category by offering this ebook.  It has taken a few years to compile and surveying my subscribers to find out what they would want and need in a shed building ebook.  There are two upsells with lawn care guide and termite intrusion control.  This should add additional value by enhancing their shed and preventing termites from damaging the shed.

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Two upsells to help with overall sales. the Lawn Care Guide ebook and Termite control ebook. Both sell for $19 but will be a reduced price upsell for $7 each.

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Title:  Don’t buy or build a shed without this…

If you are going to build or buy a shed, then make sure you know the process and the steps.  My good friend JB has written a new ebook “The Shed Building Guide – Advice From A Friend”.  

Make sure you know the proper steps to get the shed you want for your home.  There are many steps in the process and if you don’t know the basics you could waste a lot of money.

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Title: Save money on a shed…

Most people will hire someone to build or buy a shed and not realize the process or the different options for their shed.  This ebook could save you money if you are going to buy or build a shed in the near future.   From foundations to roofing and everything in between including maintenance.

Make sure you get your copy of “The Shed Building Guide” – Advice From A Friend.  This is a great ebook if you are going to build or buy a shed in the near future. 

Don’t forget this book is being sold right now with The Lawn Care Guide and Termite control ebook at 60% off.  This won’t last long.  Enhance & Protect Your Investment Today.

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Title: Final sales offer…

I just found out that the promotional offer for “The Shed Building Guide” will soon end.

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As a reminder this is a one time offer with “The Shed Building Guide” Plus Two Bonus Offers at 60% off “The Lawn Care Guide” and “Termite Intrusion”

You can learn how protect your home and your shed and also enhance your home and your shed with the lawn care guide.  This is a must have just for the bonus offers.

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